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A different beat in the heart of

Quebec City's English theatre community!

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Artbeat Theatre Presents


The Confidential Musical Project, which takes place in more than 15 cities in North America, invites courageous singer-actors who are looking for a challenge to audition for the very first version of the Confidential Musical Project in Quebec!


No rehearsal time and meet the other actors only one hour before the show. You will then have to take up the challenge of putting on a musical in real time in front of an audience who will discover with you the fruits of your individual labour.

The only rule of the Confidential Project: you cannot reveal to anyone your role or the name of the musical!

Are you interested?


Beyond its cult status, The Rocky Horror Show still has an unprecedented influence on countercultural and sexual liberation movements. As one of the first popular musicals to depict fluid-sexuality,

we couldn't be more thrilled to partner with the Centre Horizon for this fall's Rockedly exciting production of Richard O'Brian's cult classic.

Shows dates run from October 29 to October 31 2020 just in time for a ghoulish presentation. 


We need true Rocky Horror fans, singers, dancers, actors, and enthusiasts. Rehearsals start July 8 2020 right here in the beating heart of Quebec City.  


Are you sexy singer or a daring dancer? Do you have an itch to scratch?


And most importantly, are you ready to do the time warp with us?





Coming soon. :)

a message from

our founder

"Since 2002, Artbeat has been breathing life into plays and musicals, and remains a springboard for stories just waiting to be told".  
- J.P. Chartier

The Artbeat Theatre Group is proud to have opened the stage for dozens of original productions since its inception in 2002.  Whether through the writing process or the entire production process, we have watched so many  actors, singers, poets, dancers, and even athletes grace the stage to present and perform original works.​

In 2020, our vision has grown into the production of well-known musicals and we couldn't be more proud to show you what we have in store for you.

Welcome to Artbeat. 

Have a seat and enjoy the show.

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